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The following reports of meetings in the 2014-15 season are available:

24 Sep 2014: "Hungerford Memories" by Jack and Margaret Williams

Over 80 members and guests of the Hungerford Historical Association were given a very informative and interesting talk by Margaret and Jack Williams on "Hungerford Memories". One of Jack's outstanding memories was recalling how as a Newbury Grammar School boy he used to enter USAAF Airfields, in his cadets uniform, and hitch lifts during WW2 from the pilots and end up flying all over England. Margaret spoke of her work with the Brownies, Guides and the WI in both Hungerford and Berkshire.

22 Oct 2014:  "Parliament and Women c1900-1945" - Dr Mari Takayanagi

Over 60 members and guests of the Hungerford Historical Association were treated to a most informative and thought provoking talk by Dr Mari Takayangi, a senior archivist from the House of Lords. She traced the Women's Suffrage movement from 1900-1945 and showed how votes for women were secured at great personal cost to a large number of the peaceful campaigners. The talk was accompanied by details from the House of Lords archives, in particular the biographies of the first female MPs and the first female members of the House of Lords.

26 Nov 2014:  "The Bloomsbury Group in Ham: A clash of cultures" – Robin Buchanan-Dunlop

Local historian, Robin Buchanan-Dunlop, gave an informative and interesting talk to over 100 members and guests of the Hungerford Historical Association recently. His topic was a clash of cultures which came about when the avant-garde Bloomsbury Group decamped to Ham from London in the 1930s. Their liberated lives was in marked contrast to that experienced by the more traditional Ham villagers.

28 Jan 2015:  "Britain and the Trucial States pre-1971" - Col. Tony Cornick

- Follow this for the text of the talk (kindly provided by Tony Cornick)

25 Feb 2015:  "The History of Hungerford Common" - Dr Hugh Pihlens

Over 120 members and guests of the Hungerford Historical Association listened to an excellent talk from local historian Dr Hugh Pihlens recently. He used aerial photography to show that areas of the Common had been under cultivation since pre-Roman times. His talk also included details of bare knuckle fights and horse racing on the Common as well as military camps, especially during WW1 and WW2.

More information on Hungerford Common can be found on the Hungerford Virtual Museum.

25 Mar 2015:  "Excavating in Egypt: The South Asasif Necropolis" - John Billman

Inkpen resident and Egyptologist, John Billman, gave a most interesting talk to the Hungerford Historical Association recently. Over 70 members and guests listened as John explained how his project, the South ASASIF Conservation Project, started and how they are excavating on an annual basis in Thebes, (now known as Luxor) near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The project has uncovered fascinating art, architecture and objects in various sites and also undertaken important conservation work. More information on the work of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society can be found on their website

22 Apr 2015:  "Introducing Jane Austen: Her life and novels"  - Joy Pibworth (replacing Maureen Stiller)

Over 90 members and guests of the Hungerford Historical Association were given an excellent talk on the Berkshire links between Jane Austen and her family by Joy Pibworth of the Jane Austen Society. In particular the Austens enjoyed a close friendship with the family of Kintbury's Reverend Thomas Foyle and were frequent visitors to the vicarage. Jane's sister Cassandra became engaged to the Fowles' son Tom. However his untimely death meant that the marriage did not take place.

27 May 2015:  "General Reflections" - General Sir Mike Jackson, GCB, CBE, DSO

Over 115 members and guests of the Hungerford Historical Association were given an excellent talk by General Sir Mike Jackson on his 45 years in the British Army. He highlighted 2 events that stick out in his career. The first being the end of the Cold War with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, with 9/11 being the second event and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. A very lively discussion followed his talk. The General also stressed that today's soldiers are great people and that the spirit of today's youngsters in the Armed forces is as strong as ever it was in the past and our soldiers are of a very high calibre. [Shelagh Parry]