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Chronological List of Past Meetings and Outings:

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The HHA has enjoyed a wide and varied number of excellent talks - currently over 300 in all!

The complete list is shown below., along with links to the reports of the meetings in recent years:


September 26: "Excavations in Littlecote Park" – Mr. Bryn Walters BA, LSIA.
January 23: "Mediaeval Origins and Archaeology of Berkshire Towns" – Dr. Grenville Astill
April 23: "Country Life in 19th Century Berkshire" – Mr. John Creasey


September 24: Group meeting
October 22: "Archaeology from the Air" – Mr. Chris Stanley
November 26: Group meeting
January 28: "Victorian Architecture in Reading" – Mr. H. Godwin Arnold
February 25: Group meeting – Norman Hidden
March 25: Group meeting – "History of Town & Manor in Hungerford"
April 22: "History of the Kennet & Avon Canal" – Mr. Jack Dalby.
May 27: Group meeting: "Battles of Newbury" – Mrs. Thora Morrish.
June 24: A.G.M.


September 23: Members' Forum
October 28: "Roman Farming in Berkshire" – Mr. Leslie Cram.
November 25:  Members' Forum
January 27: "Heraldry in Berkshire" – Mr. John Allen
February 24:  Members' Forum
March 24: Members' Forum
April 28:  "Two Hungerford Chantries" – Mr. Norman Hidden
May 26:  Members' Forum
June 23: A.G.M.


September 22: "Three Town & Manor Documents" – Mr. Jim Davis
October 27: "The 1830 Labourers Revolt in S.W. Berkshire" – Mr. Norman Fox
November 24: "Buildings in Hungerford 1840-1850" – Mr. Ted Baker
January 26: "Coinage in Berkshire in the Late Saxon Period" – Dr. Michael Metcalfe
February 23: "Kintbury 1840-1850" – Mrs. Thora Morrish
March 23: "Town & Manor Personalities, 1840-1850" – Mrs. Tilly Hunt, and "The Great Estates around Hungerford, 1840-1850" – Mrs. Pat Pritchard
April 27: "Look Back – Farm Life and Implements" – Mr. C.S. Minchell
May 25: "Industry, Trade and Communications, 1840-1850" – Mr. John Allen, Mr. Fred Bailey, and Mrs. Fae Morgan
June 22: A.G.M.


September 28: "The Bear at Hungerford" – Mr. E.L. (Jim) Davis
October 26: "Ghosts and Superstitions of Berkshire" – Mr. Michael Bayley
November 23: "Work in Progress in Bridge Street" – The Buildings Group
January 25:  "The Hungerford Town Band" – Mr. Robin Tubb
February 22: "Kintbury 1840-1850" – The Kintbury Group
March 28:  "The Workhouse" – Mrs. Betty Clark and Mr. Alfred Kew
April 25: "Family Histories" – Mrs. Elizabeth Longhurst
May 23: "Railways in the Vale of the White Horse" – Mr. Doug Eells
June:  A.G.M.


September 26: "The Hungerford Fire Brigade" – Lt. Col. Donal Macey
October 24:  "Twenty Miles Around Newbury" – Mr. J.H. Hole
November 28:  "Hungerford Characters in the Early 20th Century" – Dr. H.D. Astley Hope
January 16: Social Evening
January 23: "Parliamentary Enclosures" – Mrs. Judith Hunter
February 27:  "The High Street, Part 1" – The Buildings Group
March 27:  "Methodism in West Berkshire" – Rev. Roland Desch
April 24:  "Berkshire Mills" – Mr. J.K. Major
May 22:  "Local History Topics" – The Kintbury Group
June 26:  A.G.M.


September 25: "Sex, Morals & Religion in 16th Century Hungerford" – Mr. Norman Hidden
October 30: "The History of Hungerford Railway Station" – Mr. John Allen
November 27: "The Light Brigade" – Mr. Ken Horton
January 15: Social Evening
January 29: "The History of Medicine in Hungerford" – Dr. Hugh Pihlens
February 26: "The High Street, Part 2" – The Buildings Group
March 26: "Eddington at the Turn of the Century" – Mr. John Allen
April 30: "Local History Topics" – Kintbury Group
May 21: "Quarter Sessions Records" – Mr. Michael Blakeway
June 18: Evening Visit to Hungerford and Kintbury Parish Churches
June 25: A.G.M.


September 24: "The Bath Road" – Mrs. Judith Hunter
October 29: "The Great Fire of Hungerford" – Mr. Norman Hidden
November 26: "North American Indian Wars 1862-1890" – Mr. Fred Bailey
January 14: Social Evening
January 28: "The High Street, Part 3" – The Buildings Group
February 25: Wessex Trust for Archaeology
March 25: The Kintbury Group
April 29: "Industry in Eddington" – Mr. John Newton
May 27: "The Constables' Accounts" – Mr. Eric Bunt
June 24: A.G.M.


September 30: "Monasteries in Berkshire" – Dr. H. Farmer
October 28: "Hungerford in 1937" – Mr. John Allen
November 25: "Chiltern Country" – Mrs. Pamela Haseltine
January 13: Social Evening
January 27: "Practical Aspects of Local History" – Mrs. Barbara Croucher
February 24: "Wilton House, and Hungerford Doors" – The Buildings Group
March 30: "The Glory of Stained Glass" – Mr. J.A. Weatherley
April 27:  "Yeomans Messuages in Kintbury" – Kintbury Buildings Group
May 25: "Hungerford and the Nation in 1688" – Mr. Michael Blakeway
June 29: A.G.M.


September 28: "St. George's Chapel, Windsor" – Mr. L. Grout
October 26:  "History of Town & Manor" – Col. Donald Macey
November 23: "The Work of the Berkshire Records Office" – Dr. P. Durrant
January 11: Social Evening
January 25: "Bygones of Hungerford" – Mr. Stewart Hofgartner
February 22: "Eddington (Part 2) – The Gibbons" – Mr. John Newton
March 22: "Silk Industry in West Berkshire, and Parish Affairs 1925-1945" – The Kintbury Buildings Group
April 26: "Tubby's Tales" – Mrs. Jean Tubb
May 24: "More High Street Buildings" – Buildings Group
June 28: A.G.M.


September 27: "The Wool Industry in Wiltshire" – Mr. Ken Rogers
October 25:  "Hysterical Historyonics . . . A Quiz" – Mr. Bruce Mayhew
November 22: "The Ridgeway" – Mr. Maurice Mendoza
January 10: Social Evening with Slides – Major Brian Frost
January 24: "The Kennet & Avon Canal" – Mr. Jack Dalby
February 28: "Further High Street Buildings" – Hungerford Buildings Group
March 28: "Update on Archaeology at Littlecote" – Mr. Bryn Walters
April 25: "John of Gaunt" – Mr. Fred Bailey
May 23: Kintbury Buildings Group – Mrs. Margaret Yates
June 27: A.G.M.


September 26: "Medieval Salisbury" – Mrs. Ruth Newman
October 24: "Archaeology at Undy's Farm" – Mr. Steve Ford
November 28: "The Civil War in the Newbury Area" – Mrs. Thora Morrish
January 9: Social Evening
January 23: "Aldbourne, a Downland Community" – Mr. Andrew Sewell
February 27: "Eddington Mill" – Mr. John Newton and Mr. Robert Peters
March 27: "Law and Order in Berkshire" – Mr. Peter Southerton
April 24: "Historic Gardens in and around Berkshire" – Dr. Christopher Thacker
May 22: "Hopgrass Farm" – Hungerford Buildings Group
June 26: A.G.M.


September 25: "History of Marlborough" – Mr. Nicholas Fogg
October 23: "The Bath Road" – Mrs. Judith Hunter
November 27: "The White Horse at Uffington" – Mr. D. Miles
January 8: Social Evening
January 22: "Hungerford Schools" – Dr. Lois Pihlens
February 26: "The Bloomsburys in Berkshire" – Mrs. Pamela Haseltine
March 25:  "Hocktide" – Mr. Robin Tubb
April 22: Hungerford Buildings Group
May 27: "History of Women in Industry" – Mrs. Audrey Franklin
June 24: A.G.M.


September 23: "The Changing use of House Interiors in Kintbury" – Mrs. Margaret Yates
October 28: "Bell Founding" – Mr. David Struckett
November 25: "The Merchant's House at Marlborough – Mr. Michael Gray
January 7: Social Evening
January 27: "The Changing Scene in Newbury" – Mr. J. Hole
February 24:  "A History of Hungerford Cricket Club" – Mr. Jack Williams
March 24: "Great Estates of Hungerford" – Mrs. Pat Gray
April 28: "Hedgerows and Local History" – Mr. Spicer
May 26: "Growth of Non-Conformity in West Berkshire" – Mrs. Thora Morrish
June 23: A.G.M.


September 22: "Corn Circles" – Mrs Polly Carson
October 28: "An Old-Fashioned Socialist – Lorenzo Quelch" – Mr. Brian Revell.
November 24: "The History of the Hungerford Town Band" – Mr. Robin Tubb
January 26: "The Merchant's House in Marlborough" – Mr. Michael Gray
February 23: "Echoes of Old Village Life" – Mr. Stuart King
March 23: "Thames Valley Papists" – Mr. Tony Hadland
April 27: "Agriculturalist – Jethro Tull & Anthologist – Thomas Hayward" – Mr. Norman    Hidden
May 25: "The Hungerford Police Murders, 1876" – Mrs. Sue Healey
June 22: A.G.M. and Social Evening


September 28: "A Thousand Years of Kintbury" – Mrs. Thora Morrish & Mrs. Margaret Yates
October 26: "Lest We Forget, Hungerford Memorials" – Mr. Richard Amphlett
November 23: "Hundred Years of Hungerford Town Council" – Mr. Jack Williams
January 25: "Thatcham and The World, 1881" – Dr. Ray Asher
February 22: "John Wesley's Legacy to Hungerford" – Pastor Colin Scarrett
March 22: "History of Lambourn" – Mrs. Julia Shuttleworth
April 26: "A Parson in Football" – Rev. Nigel Sands
May 24: "Lower Denford Farm, 1908-1911 – Diary of a Tenant Farmer" – Mr. Kerr Kirkwood
June 28: A.G.M. and Social Evening


September 7: "A Journey to the Western Isles, after Boswell and Johnson" – Mr. Brian Frost, M.B.E.
October 25: "Dating Old Photographs" – Mrs. Jean Debney
November 22: "History of the Newbury Weekly News" – Mr. John Robertson
January 24: "Making of a History Book" – Mrs. Barbara Croucher
February 28: "Old Abingdon" – Mr. Nigel Hammond
March 27: "History of Chair-making" – Mr. Stuart King
April 24: "Ephemera can be Fun!" – Mr. John Chapman
May 22: "Around Salisbury" – Mrs. Kathy Quinn
June 26: A.G.M. and Social Evening


September 25: "Elizabethan Hungerford" – Mrs. Julie Shuttleworth
October 23: "History of Theatre" – Mr. Bill Cameron-Johnson
November 27: "Somerset Coal Canal" – Mr. Derrick Hunt
January 22: "The Craven Family of Hamstead Marshall" – Ms. Penelope Stokes
February 26: "Hucksters and Hunt Balls" (Newbury Market Place) – Mrs. Audrey Franklin
March 26: "Hidden Thames" – Mr. Duncan Mackay
April 23: "What's in a Name?" – Mrs. Jean Debney
May 28: "Tudor Domestic Music" – Miss Josephine Cormier
June 25: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 24: "The History of Concorde" – Mr. Tom Dewis
October 22: "Hungerford – The Early Years" – Mrs. Carol Cartwright
November 26: "How Newbury Prospered" – Mr. Tony Higgott
January 28: "A Look at Hungerford's History" – Dr. Hugh Pihlens
February 25: "The Merchant's House – Update" – Mr. Michael Gray
March 25: "The History of Hungerford Railway Station" – Mr. John Allen
April 22: "Follies and Garden Architecture" – Mr. Robert Pilgrim
May 27: "Newbury District Motor Service Ltd, 1932-1952" – Mr. Paul Lacey
June 24: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 23: "Opening the Town Coffer" – Mr. Bruce Mayhew, Constable of Hungerford, and   other Commoners
October 28: "My Early Gardening Days from 1931" – Mr. Harry Dodson
November 25: "Just Like You and Me" – Johnny Morris
January 27: "Windsor Castle Fire, 1992" – Mr. Marshall Smith, R.V.M.
February 24: "Old Bill Heads of Hungerford" – Mr. John Newton
March 24: "Robert The Bruce, King of Scots" – Mr. Fred Bailey
April 28: "The School and Church at Hungerford Newtown" – Mrs. Pat Gray
May 26: "Why Turn Your Collar Round" – Canon Francis Turner
June 23: "A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 22: "The Case of the Lost Charters – as a Memorial to Jim Davis" – Mr. Robert James
October 27: "Cooking the Hard Way" – Mrs. Ruth Mott
November 24: "History of Roads and Travel" – Mr. John Chandler
January 26: "The National Trust – a Historical perspective" – Mr. Ron Rowland
February 23: "Myths and Legends of the Theatre" – Mr. Nick Lumley
March 22: "Recollections of a Queen's Messenger" – Major Piers Dunn
April 19: "Englefield – Past, Present and Future" – Sir William Benyon
May 24: "A Humerous Look at People and Places in Hungerford" – Mr. Jack Williams
June 28: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 27: "The Restoration of the King's Privy Garden, Hampton Court Palace" – Mr. Tom Wright
October 25: "Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow – the Work of the West Berkshire Heritage  Service" – Mrs. Amanda Loaring
November 22: "Glimpses of Georgian Hungerford" – Georgian History Group
January 24: "Going to the Wars – My Days as a War Correspondent" – Mr. Max Hastings
February 28: "James & Co., Agricultural Millers and Merchants, 1910-85" – Mr. Robert James
March 28: "Silchester Roman Town: Report on the Current Excavations" – Prof. Michael   Fulford
April 18: "The American Civil War" – Lt. Col. Cameron-Hayes, M.V.O.
May 23: "Upstairs at The Manor" – Mrs. Barbara Croucher
June 27: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 26: "Stourhead" – Mr. Tom Burr
October 24: "Mrs. Thatcher, General Galtieri and the Efficiency of Whitehall" –  Mr. Clive Priestley, C.B.
November 28: "Jethro Tull and Prosperous" – Mr. Rod Kent
January 23: "Kennet & Avon Canal Update" – Mr Ray Knowles
February 27: "Chilton – 1780s to 1960s" – Mr. Adrian Scrope
March 27: "Four Dukes and a Duchess – the Seymour Family" – Dr. Hugh Pihlens
April 17: "Everest Climb Experience" – Lt. Col. Jon Fleming, O.B.E.
May 22: "Norland – an Ever-changing perspective" – Mrs. Kay Crosse
June 26: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 25: "Behind the Scenes at the BBC Antiques Roadshow" – Mr. Clive Stewart-Lockhart  and Lord Poltimore
October 23: "Shaw House, Newbury" – Mr. Michael MacLeod
November 27: "Nudging the Flight of the Cannonball: The Work of the Landmark Trust" – Ms. Caroline Stanford
January 22: "The National Trust – Victorian Links" – Mr. Ron Rowland
February 26: "Archaeology of the Lambourn Downs" – Mr. Simon Critchley
March 26: "Doves Farm" – Mr. Michael Marriage
April 23: "Beyond the Bench" – Mrs. Daphne Priestley, O.B.E.
May 28: "The Merchant's House – an Update" – Mr. Michael Gray
June 25: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 24: "A Social History of Narrowboats" – Mr. Peter Jordan
October 22: "Eastbury: A Berkshire Village" – Mr. David Rutherford
November 26: "Redcoats in the Wardrobe" – Lt. Col. David Chilton
January 28: "Hungerford Town Hall and Corn Exchange" – Mr. Robin Tubb
February 25: "A Hint of Heraldry" – Dr. Lois Pihlens
March 24:  "The Bedwyns" – Brig. Bill Marchant-Smith
April 28: "The Wests Gifts" – Mr. Donald Williams
May 26: "Hungerford Town Hall and Corn Exchange" – Mr. Robin Tubb
June 23: A.G.M. & Social Evening


September 22: "Victorian Hungerford" - Dr Hugh Pihlens
October 27: "Berkshire: The English Hindoostan" (An account of the Nabobs of the East India Company who settled in Berkshire) - Clive Williams OBE, MA.
November 24: "Marlborough - 800th Anniversary of Charter" - Dr Terry Rogers
January 26: "A Brief History of Wallingtons, Kintbury" - Bro. Anthony Porter.
February 23: "The Clockmaker" - Chris Bessent
March 23: "Frosts, Freezes & Fairs - 1000 years of famous winters" - Ian Currie
April 27: "A Roman Soldier's Letters Home" - Mr Nick Griffiths. (The planned talk "Ramsbury: Medieval Church and daily life" by Barbara Croucher has had to be postponed).
May 25: "The Life of Frederick Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell" - Adrian Fort.
June 22: Annual General Meeting and Social.
June 18: Annual Summer Outing: To Farleigh Hungerford Castle and Corsham Court. (Cancelled)


September 28: "Nelson and Trafalgar" - Mr Jack Williams
October 26: "William Morris - In Pursuit of Beauty" - Dr. Lois Pihlens
November 23: "Ramsbury at War" - Mr. Roger Day
January 25: "St. Paul's - The Changing Cathedral" - Ms Fiona Walker
February 22: "Ballooning" - Mr. John Baker
March 22: "Life in The Lords" - Baroness Harris of Richmond
April 26: "National Parks" - Mr. Mervyn Silver
May 24: "The History of Windows and Doors" - Miss Josephine Cormier
June 2: Summer outing to Kelmscott Manor and Buscott Park
June 28: Annual General Meeting and Social Evening.


September 27: "The History of Medicine in Hungerford" - Dr. Hugh Pihlens
October 25: "The Story of the Marylebone Cricket Club" - Brigadier Michael Aris, CBE, DL.
November 22: "Jack of Newbury" - Dr. David Peacock
January 24: "The Dire Straights - the Dardenelles Campaign, 1915" - Colonel Michael Hickey, FRUSI
February 28: "Cunetio Treasures, Mildenhall" - Mrs. Moira Abell
March 28: "Racing in Berkshire" - Miss Penelope Stokes
April 25: "Nelson - the Thoroughly Modern Man" - Mr. Edgar Vincent
May 23: "The Battles of Newbury" - Mr. David Stubbs
June 27: Annual General Meeting and Social Evening (Including a talk on Antiques by Stewart Hofgartner)


September 26: John Allen Memorial Lecture: "My Life on the Railway" - Andy Midwinter.
October 10: Special visit to The Merchant's House, Marlborough.
October 24: Battlefield walk and pub lunch around the site of the 1st Battle of Newbury.
October 24: "Wellington and Stratfield Saye" - Brig. Michael Aris, CBE, DL.
November 3: Visit to the Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
November 28: "Earth - a Health Check" - Professor Alan O'Neill
January 23: "In Sickness and in Power" - The Rt. Hon. The Lord Owen, CH.
February 27: "A Prehistory of the Lambourn Downs Hill Forts and Burial Mounds" - Dr. David Peacock.
March 26: "Somme, 1918" - Clive Priestley, CB.
April 23: "A History of the Brain" - David Hunt.
May 28: "Churchill: The War Years, 1939-1945" - Fred Bailey.
June 25: Annual General Meeting and Social Evening

2008-09: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

September 24: Dr. Hugh Pihlens: "Mediaeval Hungerford, and the History of the Three Swans"
October 22: Dr David Peacock: "West Berkshire Placenames"
November 26: Clive Priestley, CB: "Somme 1918 - the Tables Turned"
January 21: David Stubbs: "The South West Coastal Paths - a Legacy"
February 25: Dr Ivan Johnson: "Work Activities through Time"
March 25: Martin McIntyre: "The Royal Berkshire Regiment"
April 22: Mrs. Joan Dils: "Inventories and Social History"
May 27: Leslie Grout: "Burial Grounds of London"
June 17: Annual Summer Outing: Windsor Castle, with a guided tour by Leslie Grout of St. George's Chapel.
June 24: Annual General Meeting and Social Evening (Photo quiz by Hugh Pihlens)

2009-10: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

September 23: Dr Hugh Pihlens: "400 years of Schooling in Hungerford"
October 28: (Brian Quinn: "Historical Mapping" cancelled). In place: Dr Hugh Pihlens "Victorian Hungerford"
November 25: (Amanda Findlay: "Sandham Memorial Chapel". Amanda Findlay is unwell.) In her place, Ron Rowland is speaking on "My Experience working with the National Trust".
January 27: Prof Richard Holmes: "Tommy"
February 24: John Newton: "Steam in my family and Steam Rallies at Hungerford"
March 24: Sue Broughton: "A Little History of Doll's Houses"
April 28: Fred Bailey: "John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford"
May 26: Jerry Green: "The Major Family, Surgeons, Apothecaries and Doctors in Hungerford"
June 23: 7.30pm AGM and Social Evening - Amanda Findlay: "Sandham Memorial Chapel".

2010-11: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

September 22:  "The Kennet & Avon Canal – 1810-2010" – Dr. Hugh Pihlens
October 27:  "Charles I: Wrong but Wromantic" – Mr. Clive Priestley CB
November 24:  "Life in Late 17th and Early 18th Century Hungerford: The Evidence of Probate Inventories" – Mr. Jameson Wooders.
January 26:  ("The Art of the Wheelwright" – Mr. Ted Fox. CANCELLED)
January 26: "Witchcraft in Berkshire" - Mr Douglas Clapp
February 23:  "Tree-rings – a Time and a Place" – Andy Moir, PhD
March 23:  "Antique, Post-war  and Contemporary Silverware" – Mr. George Styles
April 27:  "A History of the Berkshire Yeomanry and the Regiment's Connections with Hungerford" –  Brig. Anthony Verey, QVRM, TD, DL, and Capt. Andrew French
May 25:  "Life in a Medieval Town"  - Mr. Nick Griffiths, FSA
June 22:  AGM & Social evening - "Two ladies of a certain Age – a mid-life adventure in Venice" - Roz Cawley
July 25: (Monday) Summer Outing to Bletchley Park.

2011-2012: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

September 28:  "The Hungerford Fire Brigade" – Mr Jack Williams
October 26: "The Pihlens family - from Latvia to Hungerford" - Dr Hugh Pihlens
November 23: "Lady Almina and the real Downton Abbey (1895-1924)" [Highclere Castle] - Countess of Carnarvon
January 25: "The Railways and Society in Victorian England" - The Revd Canon Alan Deboo
February 22: "Oliver Cromwell - God's Englishman" - Mr John Parry
March 28: "The Village of Ham in the Middle Ages" - Mr Robin Buchanan-Dunlop
April 25: "A man that looks on glass..." - Mr William Shand MD FRCS FRCSEd
May 23: "Four Puritan Wives - Anne Fairfax, Lucy Hutchinson, Catharine Milton, and Frances Whitelocke" - Mr Clive Priestley CB  "Savernake at War" - Mr Roger Day
June 27: AGM and Social Evening, "The First 35 Years of CHAIN" - by Ron Rowland
July 25: Summer Visit to Highclere Castle.

2012 - 2013: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

September 26:  "Distilling the Frenzy: Writing the History of One's Own Times" - Professor The Lord Hennessy, FBA
October 24: "Running the Show: Some Extraordinary Stories of Men who Governed the British Empire in the Days of Victoria" - Ms Stephanie Williams
November 28: "Avebury: the Story So Far" - Dr Nicola Snashall, MIfA
January 23: "The Knights Hospitaller from Jerusalem to Clerkenwell" - Dr Alan Borg, CBE, FSA.
February 27: "The Really Ancient History of Hungerford - Reading and Interpreting Rock Archives" - Dr Chris Carlon, BSc, PhD, FSEG, FGS.
March 27: "Windsor Castle" - Air Marshall Ian Macfadyen, CB, OBE
April 24: "Sir Christopher Wren - his Life and Times" - Dr Hugh Pihlens
May 22: "The Defence of Marlborough 1940-44" - Mr Roger Day
June 19 (Wed): Summer outing to Watercress Line and Winchester.
June 26: AGM and Social - "The Hungerford Virtual Museum" - Dr Hugh Pihlens.

2013 - 2014: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

September 25:  "The Cravens of Ashdown House" - Nicola Cornick, MA
October 23: "Dissenting Tradition in Hungerford" - Rev David Bunney
Thursday November 28: "1914" - Sir Max Hastings, FRSL, FRHistS
January 22: "The Town and Manor, Hocktide and all that!" - Dr Hugh Pihlens (See the presentation)
February 26: "A History of the Shrievalty" - Dr Christina Hill Williams, DL
March 26: "1914 in Hungerford and District" - Roger Day
April 23: "Atomic Weapons Establishment over the years" - Kate Pyne
May 28: "Captain Swing in Hungerford, 1830" - Keith Jerome
June 12 (Thu): The "Mary Rose" and the Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth.
June 25: AGM and Social - Quiz by Jonathan Welfare

2014-15: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

24 Sep: "Hungerford Memories" - Jack Williams
22 Oct:  "Parliament and Women c1900-1945" - Dr Mari Takayanagi
26 Nov:  "The Bloomsbury Group in Ham: A clash of cultures" â€" Robin Buchanan-Dunlop
28 Jan:  "Britain and the Trucial States pre-1971" - Col. Tony Cornick (Read the report, text and Powerpoint...)
25 Feb:  "The History of Hungerford Common" - Dr Hugh Pihlens
25 Mar:  "Excavating in Egypt: The South Asasif Necropolis" - John Billman
22 Apr:  "Introducing Jane Austen: Her life and novels"  - Joy Pibworth
27 May: "General Reflections" - General Sir Mike Jackson, GCB, CBE, DSO
24 Jun: AGM & Social - Quiz by Roger Day

2015-16: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

23 Sep:  "Fall of the Berlin Wall" – Mrs Suzette Davis
28 Oct:   "Political Reflections" – The Rt Hon. The Lord Owen CH
25 Nov:   "Lawrence of Arabia – an archaeological investigation" – Mike Relph
27 Jan:    "Aldbourne Stables – The Band of Brothers link" – Tim Green
24 Feb:   "Donnington Castle" – David Peacock
23 Mar:   "The Postal History of Hungerford" – Dr Hugh Pihlens
27 Apr:    "The Royal Berkshire Regiment in the First World War"  - Mac McIntyre and Michael Cornwall
25 May:   "Revolting Marlborough" – Nick Baxter
22 Jun:    AGM and Social

2016-17: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

Sep 28: "The Treasures of St Lawrence Church" – Dr Hugh Pihlens

Oct 26: "The Horse in History" – David Chandler

Nov 23: “Motoring in the Kennet Valley – the early years”  – Roger Day & Tim Green

Jan 25: "The Spoils & Ashes of War – WW2 to the end of the Cold War" – Robin Buchanan-Dunlop

Feb 22: "Lions led by Donkeys? The British Army at War 1914-16" – David Du Croz

Mar 22: "The Day Parliament Burned Down" – Dr Caroline Shenton

Apr 26: "The Aldbourne Bell Foundry" - Graham Palmer

May 24: “Wilton Windmill, Chateau Guédelon” – Charles Baxter

June/July: Summer outing (to be arranged)

Jun 28: AGM and Social

2017-18: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings


Sep 27: "Escape from Colditz" – Col Piers Storie-Pugh

Friday Oct 20: "Living History" – Jon Snow

Nov 22: “The Oldest Profession in Aldbourne? Warrening”– Alan Heasman


Jan 24: "Motoring Emergencies – A History of the Automobile Association" – Roger Day

Feb 28: "Yanks in the Valley – The Friendly Invasion of the Marlborough Area by the US Army during WWII" – Neil Stevens

Mar 28: "Couture in the Country: from Edwardian glamour to the swinging sixties in rural Berkshire" – Dr Caroline Ness

April: Spring outing (to be arranged)

Apr 25: "The Art of John Constable and Wessex" – Helen Lockhart MA

May 23: “My life as a Queen’s Messenger, 1975 –1996”– Major Piers Dunn

Jun 27: AGM and "What's it Worth?" - Stewart Hofgartner

2018-2019: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

Sep 26: "The History of the Hills and Kirby Estate" – James Sadler and Nicola Chester

Oct 24: “Who do you think you are?” – Dr Hugh Pihlens

Nov 28: “Norman Churches in the Newbury Area” – Dr David Peacock


Jan 23: "Vietnam 1945-75 – an Epic Tragedy" – Sir Max Hastings, FRSL, FRHistS

Feb 27: "Docklands – past and present" – John Willis

Mar 27: "The Real Wolfhall" – Graham Bathe

April: Spring outing (to be arranged)

Apr 24: "Art in the House of Commons" – Richard Kelly

May 22: “The Chindits Operation – Burma 1943-44” – Col Piers Storie-Pugh, OBE, TD, DL

Jun 27: AGM and Social

July: Summer outing (to be arranged)Reports of Meetings 2020-21

2019-2020: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

2019: Sep 25: 40th Anniversary Meeting: "The Littlecote Roman Villa and what came next" – Bryn Walters

Oct 23: "The Building of the Globe Theatre, London" – Peter McCurdy

Nov 27: “The History and Restoration of GWR locomotive 7903 Foremarke Hall” – John Cruxon


Jan 22: "When William of Orange came to Hungerford" – Dr Hugh Pihlens

Feb 26: "Coaches and Coach Horns – their history from the golden age to the present day”  – Colin Pawson

Mar 25: "Lady Craven and Benham Park” – Helen Lockhart, MA

Apr 22: "Yanks in the Kennet Valley" – Neil Stevens

May: Spring outing (to be arranged)

May 27: “London 1851 and the Great Exhibition” – Mick Gilbert

Jun 26: AGM and Social

2020-2021: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings

The restrictions resulting from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic meant that no meetings were held in September, October or November 2020.

Meetings resumed in January 2021 using Zoom on-line.


Jan 27: "Women at Pompeii" - Helen Lockhart.

Feb 24: “Jo Mattli: a ‘Top Ten’ London couturier with local connections c.1920s-1980s” - Dr Caroline Ness.

Mar 24: “Hungerford in 1795 - a close-up look” - Dr Hugh Pihlens.

Apr 28: “Coleridge in Calne” - Nick Baxter.

May 26: “Designing the part - Dame Ellen Terry (1847-1928)” - Dr Veronica Isaac.

2021-2022: Follow this link to read the reports of the meetings:

Sep 22: “Lady Craven and Benham Park” by Helen Lockhart

Oct 27: “Yanks in the Kennet Valley – the Friendly Invasion of the Marlborough Area by the US Army in WWII” by Neil Stevens

Nov 24: “London 1851 and the Great Exhibition” by Mick Gilbert 

Jan 26: “Fuelling the Town – A History of Hungerford’s Petrol Filling Stations” by Roger Day

Feb 23: ‘’The Ship, the Lady and the Lake - The Extraordinary story and rescue of a Victorian Steamship in the Andes” by Meriel Larken

Mar 23: “A Nice Quiet Life - The story of a Merchant Seaman 1908-1946” by Rob Chicken

Apr 27: "Salt from the Hellath-du: A History of the Mines and Brines of Cheshire" by Dr Chris Carlon, BSc, PhD, FSEG, FGS.

May 25: ‘’Historic Clockmakers of Hungerford’’ by Dr Hugh Pihlens

Jun 22: AGM and talk by Roger Day: "The 40th Anniversary of the Falkland’s War"