The Hungerford Historical Association

Welcome to the website of the Hungerford Historical Association.

Established in 1979, the HHA is one of the
best supported groups in the town,
and has about 200 members.

This website is all about the HHA itself.
To explore more of Hungerford's wonderful history
visit the Hungerford Virtual Museum.

What's on?

Our monthly meetings are attended by about 60-150 people. Follow this to see the current program of meetings.

How can I join the HHA?

The HHA has about 200 members. Follow this to see all about membership and how to join.

The AGM:

The business of the AGM (which would have been held on 26 June) has been conducted by correspondence. Thank you for your support - 80 members kindly responded, which is well above the required quorum. Your new committee has been appointed, and is already working on plans for restarting meetings when it safe so to do.

The next meeting:

It is with much regret that because of the current Covid-19 pandemic the HHA Committee has had to cancel all meetings until further notice.

At the present time it is unclear when we will be able to resume our normal program of meetings, but it will be made clear on this website when that is possible.

Please share this information with any friends and neighbours.

More information will be posted here in due course.